Monday, 28 July 2014

DIY: Desk Organizer

I'm will be the first to admit that my desk is a mess. Always. There are times where I'll feel the need to clean it out, and then realize that I probably don't have the time to do it. So here's a simple little tutorial on how to organize at least the little trinkets on your desk, and make sure that those trinkets stay put!

 You will need:
  • Cardboard at the length and width of how long you'll want your organizer
  • glue stick or white glue
  • tape
  • scissors
  • thin cardboard boxes
  • wrapping paper
Just an FYI: I found that the glue stick worked better than the white glue, just because it didn't have the waterlogged paper effect (if you know what I mean) and keeps the wrapping paper crisp. A sealant is recommended if you decide that this organizer is for the bathroom/kitchen.

Cut cardboard like this!

Take your cardboard, and cut it to the shape displayed above. If it's corrugated cardboard, press it down - compressing it as tightly as you can to get rid of some bulk. Don't worry about it not being able to hold all your trinkets if you're moving it around because it's pretty sturdy!

 Then take some tape and take the sides together. Easy peasy.
With the box taped, put some thin cardboard boxes in to act as containers. By thin cardboard boxes, I also mean those cardboard boxes that hold your advil, camera film and what not - NOT the corrugated cardboard you used to make the first box.

Arrange the boxes in a way that you see fit.

Once you've decided on how you like the boxes,  cut one face of it off.  If it starts to fall apart, just tape it back together.

Now wrap it! I decided to wrap it like a present, but no one said that you couldn't just glue some wrapping paper on each side. ^^

There are two ways I suggest you do after you wrap it. You can leave it as is, and allow the boxes to be swapped out for other ones when they get tarnished and torn OR you can secure it completely by gluing the bottom and sticking that to the box frame. Of course, that doesn't allow for movement of the boxes, but you can always do a combination of both!

You can also make some dividers with the leftover faces of the cardboard boxes. Do this by taking two long stripes of cardboard and position them into a "T" where one strip is in the middle of the other. Then secure both sides down securely with trap before wrapping that as well. I recommend that you size it so that it fits snugly into one of the boxes or else it is a bit flimsy.

And viola! A little pop of colour to your desk (or anywhere else in the house). This is super simple and I took a liking to put my phone in one of the boxes as I'm always wondering where I left my phone..

Good luck with this and all your endeavors!


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