Sunday, 11 January 2015

Breakfast Egg Muffins

My little brother is in love with eggs. Veggies? Not so much. But if you can disguise the little green leaves or "rid" of its taste completely, he'll eat it! Here's a super easy recipe to an egg "muffin" that he seems to adore!

You will need:
  • leafy greens or any other vegetable
  • a muffin tin (or silicone liners if you're like me)
  • oil
  • salt (optional)
  • eggs
  • bacon strips (optional)
  • water
Before you start, enlist the help of the little people so that they'll feel the joy of making their own food and be less critical of it later. The amount of eggs you use will determine how many "muffins" you get, each egg makes around two muffins.

  1. Beat your eggs in a bowl with a splash of water. The water will help make your eggs fluffy. Salt to your taste if you're not using bacon. If you're using bacon, skip this step.
  2. Once eggs are beaten, chop up some of your leafy greens and set aside. DO NOT PUT WITH THE EGGS JUST YET. If you do, pouring your mixture will be difficult.
  3. Taking some oil, lightly coat your muffin tin to prevent sticking. If you're using silicone liners, you can skip this step. The silicone liners help the muffins pop out easily.
  4. Cut the bacon stripes in half. You can choose to cook them a little bit before putting into your muffin tin like a liner as bacon takes longer than eggs to cook, but I went ahead with raw bacon. With the other half, cover the bottom of the muffin tin. Repeat this step for as many muffins as you're making.
  5. Take some of the greens and place into the bacon "liner", then add your egg mixture about 1-2 cm away from the rim before adding more greens.
  6. Bake at 325 F until cooked and serve!

The finished product is delicious! My brother ate it with ketchup (do all kids have an obsession with eggs and ketchup?)

Tip: If you're making a patch with and without bacon, cook the bacon first as the ones without it will be done cooking before the rest. You don't want that as you'll get some rubbery eggs. But other than that, enjoy!


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